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"Do Something Your Future Self Will Thank You For"


As a child, Kyah was always creative and had a love and talent for music, in particular drumming. Creating loud, exciting music was always at the forefront of her attention, and used this musical artform as an expressive technique. Since then, she has gone on to represent the State of NSW, and Australia at both National and International venues. Traveling for music, visiting China, Hong Kong, Europe, and America was a highlight of her musical career.

Later, spending time with her Grandmother she started experimenting with different hand techniques of creating fabric; her love of knit fabrics came from these moments of learning how to cast on and off. She then soon uncovered her love for Macramé, creating one-of-a-kind designs for clients for Festivals and other eclectic events.

She loved the process of dyeing her own materials from Flora and then creating her own yarn from meters of fabric. She focused on the journey rather than the destination and used this and the beautiful bushlands around her as inspiration. Combining her love of exciting, juxtaposing music, and her love of sustainable practices, a gap in the market was found; sustainability can be fun.

In 2017 Kyah was offered and accepted a valued position to study at the internationally celebrated Fashion Design Studio (FDS) at Sydney TAFE, the first dedicated fashion design school in Sydney, shaping Australian fashion since 1955. Following in the footsteps of inspirations such as; Akira Isogawa, Alex Perry, Nicky Zimmerman, Bianca Spender, Genevieve Smart, Dion Lee and Christopher Esber.

In 2020, after three years of full-time study, Kyah graduated with a Bachelor of Fashion Design Degree. Kyah centres her creations around nature, and a sustainably thoughtful mind; creating garments that can live on regardless of seasons and trends.

Kyah is passionate and has a deep appreciation for the planet, constantly putting thought into how she can make a difference and create more sustainable fashion than what she has already created.

Kyah lives by this saying, “Do something your future self would thank you for”, and encourages you to implement this into your daily life.

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