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Our Story Thus Far


Kyah Halitta (pronounced k-eye-ah ha-lee-ta) stands by the philosophy of optimism, excitement, and women empowerment. It is a brand that is dedicated to uplifting the feminine power and finding fun and sustainable ways to wear clothing.


We welcome you into our community and hope that you feel the vibrancy, beauty, and positivity we share. We also hope that you share our love for slow fashion as every garment is a process to create and we take time to make sure that it is a perfect creation for our beautiful women around the globe. Every style is created from a sketch, every bead is hand placed and every print is our own.


Celebrate and embrace colour, print, and sustainability into the new-age with Kyah Halitta.


Established in 2020 and born from the innovative mind of Kyah Brown, Kyah Halitta has challenged the fashion industry by creating a more sustainable brand through multi-wear garments that are lively and engaging.

A true creator at heart – Kyah studied at the Fashion Design Studio in Sydney Australia and has since been engaged with the Fashion Scene. She is innovative and creative with her designs and prints, making fun fashion that is flattering on the body.  Kyah Halitta is an expression of Kyah’s spectrum of talents, driven by her desire to create bold and distinct apparel for every woman.


Kyah Halitta is essentially for those with an individualistic spirit who dare to be different and lively.

Kyah Halitta garments are created with elemental attention to detail, inspiring a strong essence of individuality upon those who wear them.

Kyah Halitta designs are constructed with high-quality fabrication and curated into covetable collections that have sustainable pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. Kyah Halitta’s elective aesthetic is expressed via the vibrant use of colours, luxurious textures, and bespoke prints.

Kyah Halitta encompasses Ready-to-Wear and Limited Edition collections - underpinned by Kyah Halitta basics, a trans-seasonal collection of  wardrobe staples with a hint of excitement. 


Our Sustainability Journey


It is important that our valuable Kyah Halitta community know that beautiful clothing shouldn’t cost the earth nor should it exploit the people who work hard manufacturing our products. We have built strong relationships with our global partners and ensure that our workers and their workplace are safe.

In an effort to be a slow fashion brand we make the conscious decision to use as many natural resources as possible and ensure there is minimal waste, energy, and water usage during production. 


All fabrics used are either upcycled from synthetic fibers or made entirely of natural fibers. A few of our fabric fabrications are Silk, Viscose, Cupro, Lavender, Tencel, Milk, and Linen. Our team is constantly looking for new innovative fabrics to use in our collections to uplift our sustainable views.


We are forever learning and finding new ways to make positive changes. To be involved with our journey, when purchasing one of our goodies if a button or bead loosens, repair it, if your denim wears out, let them age beautifully. Our pieces are made to be raw and sustain the test of time so treat them with care.

Kyah Halitta’s Ready To Wear manufacturers are proud members of SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit), ensuring the best practice and guidance in all areas of business. SEDEX is a not-for-profit global membership organization with its head office located in London, and this membership is dedicated to driving ethical improvements in global supply chains. Its global collaborative platform provides an effective solution for sharing ethical data among business partners, supporting an effective supply chain management and improvement of practices.

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